Designer Jewellery

Elegance and class are two characters that women desire every single day of their lives. Men may not be too much concerned about jewellery with the exception of a few. There are several classes of designer jewellery. These are majorly characterised using several things. Women may also be specific on the type of boxes that their jewellery comes in and some may have a special inclination towards velvet gift boxes.

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Designer jewellery may be made from various metals or substances. Gold, silver and diamonds are the most common components of designer jewellery. The quantity of gold, silver or diamond used will determine the net worth of the jewellery in question. The more the quantity of these precious metals, the higher the price for acquiring them. Some jewellery may also be made from alloys of different metals. This done where, a desired characteristic, can only be achieved upon combination of different types of metals.


There are several designers who have made a name for themselves in this industry. This means that a collection of jewellery will be named after them. These designers have different collections under their names and the recent collections are named by inserting a noun or adjective after their names. The name of the collection may also be a combination of the designer's name and the component used in making the collection.


A collection of designer jewellery may also be classified in accordance with their users. There is designer jewellery for men, children, teenagers and women. The women category may also be further classified using other attributes like weight. This means that we may have a collection of designer jewellery for petite women or for slender women, one for women in their early30's and one for those with advanced ages.


Jewellery is mostly used to complement the clothes we wear or the hairstyles. The general appearance of any person will highly be dependent on the event they will be attending. This means that there will be a collection for weddings, for dinners and luncheons, for a charity event or even to be worn with different costumes for different holidays. Although some of the jewellery can be worn interchangeably, there are those collections that can only be worn to the events that the designer had in mind.

Selecting designer jewellery

There are several items that should be put in mind when selecting the jewellery. First is the event to be attended, or the occasion in question. Some people would love jewellery that can be used on several events as opposed to event specific jewellery. The cost is also an important factor. Most designer products are very expensive and thus it is advisable to be financially prepared. The personality of the individual will also matter a lot. Laid back people, daring people or outgoing people will all choose jewellery different with respect to their personality. It is also very important to consider the age and the designer you would prefer.

Velvet gift boxes are the most common when it comes to wrapping jewellery. They are especially used with necklaces, rings, earrings and bangles. Their colour also is a show of class, elegance or style. Jewellery is meant to enhance our looks and thus the choice should be given a lot of thought.